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Commercial Real Estate software for data driven decisions and transactions

Data Driven Commercial Real Estate Software

Trrend allows Commercial Real Estate agencies and brokers to match their industry knowledge and business opportunities with software for superior data insights, internal and partner collaboration, customer relationship management (CRM), trends and powerful analytics. Our solution provides the CRE workforce with data gathering and capture tools, predictive analytics, enhanced real-time reporting and insightful business intelligence dashboards to maximize the return on every deal.

Trrend has a range of solutions for every commercial real estate activity from sales and leasing of office, industrial, land development to retail high street and shopping centres. Our CRE software solutions are helping drive revenue, increase business efficiencies, mitigate risk and outpace competitors for forward looking real estate agencies and brokers.

With all your commercial real estate deals and opportunities captured in one place, you will have access to instant, real-time visibility of key information needed to make the right decisions and act on deals quickly. Trrend gives the agency or broker a portfolio-wide view of information such as demand, leasing activity, occupancy, current lease terms and trends to ensure you can create plans to best capitalize on current market conditions.

Ultimately, the best CRE commercial real estate software is one that makes it easy to uncover opportunities and solve problems. Software that allows real estate agencies and brokers to be more nimble in securing opportunities, to help boost the number of deals an agency can work on, to enable faster and more accurate data insights by increasing productive time and decrease admin work.

At Trrend, we understand that the goal of every real estate professional is to provide superior levels of service and returns than the competition and, increasingly, that the strategic use of commercial real estate software as a key differentiator is the way to achieve those goals. Trrend has a proven track record of helping real estate professionals to attract and convert new customers at the right terms, manage relationships plus improved retention and growth of their existing customer base.